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Civil War Wolverine Graphic Novel New Printing

USD $ 24.99

(W) Marc Guggenheim (A/CA) Humberto Ramos. Whose side are you on? In the aftermath of the Stamford tragedy, Wolverine makes it his personal mission to take down the man responsible: the explosive Nitro! But as soon as he begins his hunt, Logan discovers that someone else is stalking the same prey: a mysterious trio whose identity, and disturbing mission, will come as a shock! If Logans unsettled by who these guys are, then just wait until he confronts the man they answer to! And when Wolverine discovers that Nitros actions are tied to a much larger conspiracy, he wont rest until hes exposed the true culprit. To avenge the Stamford victims, this is one mystery that Wolverine is dying and killing to get to the bottom of... Collecting WOLVERINE (2003) #42-48. Parental Advisory.